About us

The world is becoming increasingly digital

including our identity and property. Currently, we rely on centralised entities to store and manage "our" data and we're simply granted access to this data through general-purpose computers. Unfortunately, these centralised third parties and general-purpose computers can be corrupted and our data can be stolen and abused. This leads to a future with no privacy and an unsafe digital environment. At xellox, we believe that our online environment can be made much more secure and private through innovations in both hardware and software.

We need to migrate to a blockchain-based internet where users actually own and control their own data and have the right tools to stay safe. The only way to achieve this is to store the private keys (passwords) in a way that they can't be accessed by anyone else except the owner. General-purpose computers are obviously not enough since governments, manufacturers and hackers are able to steal and manipulate the data stored on them.

Samuel Harjunpää

Samuel makes sure that xellox brings real value to the ecosystem and that the extremely high standards are met. He also makes sure everyone remembers the goal; to accelerate the mass adoption of a blockchain-based internet! He's previously built electronic products like the MagBank, a magnetic wireless power bank.

Artturi Sulin

Artturi is in charge of keeping the ship afloat. He handles all operative matters and makes sure that deadlines and goals are met. He also has a big role in product development and the general strategy. Previously, he's worked in various roles in startups and is also a former Finnish champion in wrestling.