Why trust xellox?

Simple answer: You shouldn’t!We open source our ideas, code and hardware design so you can verify everything yourself, or even build something similar.We also collaborate with the best independent security auditors in order to provide non-technical people with additional proof.

Why do I need a CLAVIS?

In order to keep your digital property and identity safe.CLAVIS also makes your life easier. Eventually, you can save a lot of pocket real estate and hassle by having your hardware wallet, power bank, keys and regular card holder in a single mobile device. CLAVIS allows you to start owning your own digital assets and being a part of a new, safer, digital future!

Why do I need a YOKIS?

Since the blockchain is a permission-less and decentralised system, you and only you are in charge of your private keys (passwords). YOKIS allows you to store your private keys in the most secure way possible; engraved in metal. Not even a house fire or termite-infestation can take your digital property and identity from you!

How is CLAVIS different from other hardware wallets?

CLAVIS is much more than a hardware wallet! It’s a new hardware category that combines all our offline accessories into one sleek package. Purely as a hardware wallet, it differentiates by being meant for mass adoption, i.e. enabling real world use. Payments and verifications can be performed in an intuitive and easy manner!

Where should I keep my YOKIS?

That’s a question we can’t give a definitive answer to. It depends on what you feel comfortable with. Someone might be comfortable with storing an entire seed phrase on one single plate and keeping the plate in their bedroom drawer. Someone else might want to treat it like a horcrux, split the seed between multiple plates and store each plate in a secure location. The possibilities are endless!

When is CLAVIS released?

CLAVIS is intended to be released in Q1 of 2024. We’ll keep everyone who pre-orders closely updated on the progress!

Why pre-order now?

By pre-ordering now, you’ll make sure you’re among the early adopters and frontrunners in the new digital future!
You’ll also get to follow along closely and even influence the direction of the project.

Can I pay with crypto?

Of course! We offer a wide range of payment providers

Where are you currently shipping to?

For now, we're only shipping in Europe. Global expansion is happening soon!

How long is the shipping time?

Depending on your location, the shipping time might be from 2 to 7 business days.

What other payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment methods! You can be confident that you’ll find one that works for you.

Do I have to pay import duties or other fees?

NO! We take care of all customs payments or any other fees.

Can I return my order?

Of course! You can return your order within 14 days and get all your money back.

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